Pila Mališ

Hundred-year-old sawmill - Certificate of quality holder

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Hundred-year-old sawmill

Pila Mališ works from the year 1894. The biggest expansion of the growth of this firm is dated during the 1. Czechoslovak republic and just after the 2. worldwar. In this time was this firm one of the most important firms in the microregion Frýdlant over Ostravica (Beskydy moutains). The firm disposed of own watter powerstation. With this electricity was the firm able to supply community Pržno (by Frýdlant). Equally has the firm possibility to use a jointrail to the railway line to Ostrava and this connection made possible to export the sawwood abroad (mostly to Holland, Germany, Austria, but also to Spain or to Great britain) and thanks to this also quick expansion of the firm. But, in the year 1948 was the most successful enterprise expropriated and in the year 1992 by restitution given back.

The new history of the Pila Mališ are mostly in the sign of reconstructions, reparations and maintenance of the devastated real estates, of the completing of the wood drywork and of the big investments into the mashinery, witch was in very bad condition. Pila Mališ is now one of the few czech sawmills, which can again after the expropration to continue in the succesfull tradition of the previous generations. To it testifieds the existence of this firm in the very concurent environment of the sawwood production in the region of the north morava. Pila Mališ is now financed only from the own sources without any creditburden. Today`s owners - Mr. František Mališ and Mr. Jiří Mališ - given biggest emphasis into the quality and the reliability. The more as hundred years tradition of the firm and good name of this firm are too obliged.

Certificate of quality ČSN EN 14081-1 Since 12th December 2006 is our firm the holder of the certificate of the quality according to the norm ČSN EN 14081-1 make out with Timber Institute, Prague Timber Institute, Prague. This certificate proves that the wood made by this firm for the building structures is up to the technical norm ČSN EN 14081-1 in the range of the technical claims, of the productionadministration and due to the orderly product control. This certificate is replacing previous certificate of the quality ČSN 73 2824-1.